Working as part of a team
Fifteen-Way Call for convenient collaboration with colleagues
Hunt Groups for distributing and allocating calls across your team
Call Transfer to any internal or external number
Common or customisable settings for Sites, Groups, Departments
Hold a call and pick it up on another phone with Call Park
Answer a group member’s phone with Call Pick Up
Instant Group Call enabling efficient collaboration
Working efficiently
Last Number Redial for convenient repeat dialling
Easily make a call with Click to Dial through the user interface
Assign calls to cost centres using Account Codes
Use Pre-set Availability Profiles to manage incoming calls
No more unwanted calls with Anonymous Call Rejection or Selective Call Rejection
Automatic Call-back so that you can stay productive
Call your colleagues when they are free using Busy Lamp Keys
Show you are unavailable using Do Not Disturb
Up to 100 Programmable Speed Dials for your favourite numbers
Improving your company image
Call Waiting ensures you’re ready to take your next call
Get your messages across with Music on Hold
Avoid your calls being passed on and on with Diversion Inhibitor
Provide callers with menu options for call routing using Auto Attendant
Mobile & flexible working
Manage incoming calls effectively with Call Forwarding
Home Worker lets you take your profiles and settings to your home office
Play a Voicemail message from your desktop, save it or forward a copy to your entire team
Never miss a call with One Number Anywhere and Sequential Ringing
Keep track of important calls with Call Notify by Email
Use your number and preferences, on any enabled phone in your company, with Hot-Desking
Use your number and profile on any phone, anywhere with Remote Office
Ensuring security / preventing fraud
Use Call History to view all calls made, received and missed
Bar unapproved call types with Call Barring
Allow access to phones using Authorisation Codes
The following features  are OPTIONAL
Use Call Recording for audit trails, compliance or training purposes

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